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A question that pops up a lot is “what are the tools used by our Newport electricians?”. A lot of the time it is when we are on a job and sometimes this can be quite distracting, so, we thought that we might as well write you a lengthy article on the tools that our incredible electricians in Newport use to fix electrical faults and much more. So, with this in mind, sit back relax and prepare to read one of the most astonishing articles on tools you will ever come across.

A collection of tools used by the electricians in Newport at First 4 Electrical

A Newport electrician hard a work

Wire strippers: One of the most essential tools for an electrician in Newport are wire strippers. As you can imagine, using the ergonomic designs of wire strippers to get into those hard to reach places to strip wires is an essential part of electrician work. When it comes to our electricians Newport there isn’t much difference as they will spend a large amount of time stripping excess wires of the previous electrician and a lot more. Wire strippers usually come with a variety of different sized holes to work with as there are many different sizes of wires. If you are lucky then they will include cutting teeth.

Multimeter: A multimeter is a piece of equipment that measures multiple electrical properties from voltage, currents and resistance. You will find these kinds of items are available as either analogue or digital devices. The newest additions come with Bluetooth and thermal imaging cameras. Sufficed to say they are a must have in 2020 as they, like many tools, can help you out if you run into some electrical problems.

Pliers: You won’t be getting far as a Newport electrician without a solid pair of pliers that’s for sure. You should have a fair few pairs of different sizes for different jobs as well as making sure that they are easy and comfortable to grip as well as open and close smoothly. There are three other types of pliers that we can think of that would benefit any of the incredible electricians in Newport.

These would be the side cutting and diagonal cutting pliers, the needle nose cutting pliers and the tongue and groove pliers.

Voltage Tester: A crucial piece of equipment for any one of our Newport electricians has to be the voltage tester as it could save your life. As this piece of lifesaving equipment is used for ensuring that there is no live wire voltage in any electrical device or wire. One of the newest kinds of voltage testers brought out in recent years is the non-contact voltage tester. As this incredible piece of machinery can detect electricity without touching any wire or outlet.

Screwdrivers: No Newport electrician is complete without a screwdriver. Although most people around the world will have some form of screwdriver and it isn’t and exactly trade specific there are some screwdrivers that have been created for electrical work.

Having a wide range of different sixes screwdrivers and heads is also incredibly important.

Torch: Having ahead torch or hand torch is quite handy as an excellent Newport electrician like the ones that work for us at First 4 Electrical, are always expected to work in dark tight spaces when it comes to electrical work. That is why for convenience and safety that owning a torch is useful.

Hammer: Depending on where you are working this can be very useful, however, having one in your toolbox is always something that you should consider doing. Sometimes you will find that there are wires underneath floorboards that you will need a hammer for to get too. In these cases, a hammer can become a very useful tool.

Tape Measure: One tool you need to have in every tool box is a tape measure. They come in many different sizes and variety of styles, so really it is all about personal choice. Sizes can range between slim, bulky and just generally huge. But the one thing you need to know is that you should always have one to hand.

Making your tools last as a Newport electrician

electricians in Newport

Having all the necessary tools is a great idea as well as place to start. However, if you don’t look after your tools you are going to encounter a large amount of problems. It is possibly going to be costing you hundreds or even thousands of pounds to replace these top tier tools on a constant basis.

Here are a few ways that you can ensure your tools will be break proof, unless due to human error of course:

Making sure that the area that you store your tools is dry. Humidity and in general, moisture, can damage your tools and make them rust to a point where they are unusable and will break. Therefore, taking the measure to protect your tools is an absolute must.

Cleaning your tools prior to storing them is also an absolute must. Because, otherwise your tools will eventually break. Therefore, taking your time out at the end of the day to get yourself a clean cloth and remove any excess oils, grease or sawdust from your tools will help yourself eventually.

Buying yourself a tool bag to store your tools in is also a great decision on your part. It doesn’t really matter how you store them as long as they are in a good place, also never leave your tools lying around as not only are they a danger to the public but they might have a tendency to disappear or break.

Remember to repair your tools when required. As a Newport electrician it should be of upmost importance to remember to repair all of your tools. Replace any ruined tools immediately!

Why our electricians in Newport are the best?

As you might be able to tell we have some of the most incredible Newport electricians. You will find them to be accommodating, open minded and courteous. At the end of the day, they want to get the job done and do it right. That is why when we are finished with our repairs or any other Newport electrician services you will more than likely come back to us.

To get in touch with us all you have to do is call us on 07720570723 or fill out our contact us form on our website. We usually get back in touch with our potential clients that use our website within 24 hours.

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