21 Nov. 19

The Steps to Fault Finding

Obviously, you need to understand the steps to fault finding to effectively find all of the faults in a certain field. Of course, the field we are going to be focusing on is electrical fault finding Newport which is a big job when it comes to any city. The second biggest weakness of all maintenance trade tests has to be fault finding as there are so many nooks and crannies that you could miss that having steps is a must in 2019.

The key steps you need to consider when approaching electrical fault finding

Identify the issues at hand

The way to start is to identify the problem by looking around all of the electrical issues currently being observed. Then once you have identified where the problem might be take a look. Once you have identified the place where you think the problem has begun then you are ready to move onto the next step in this approach to electrical fault finding.

Collecting the evidence you have identified!

You must understand that the evidence has to be relevant to the issue that you are facing. If it is not then throw it away as it won’t be useful to you. The amount of information you have collected is usually unimportant as you will need this data to be relevant as much as possible. If you decide that it is safe to test in a way then use your senses like smell, hearing, touch and sight. Then refer to any relevant documentation that you might possesses with you.

Analysing the evidence

The next step would be to consider all of the evidence that you deem worth of considering that you have collected and then study as hard as possible. The process you must go through is to start logically thinking and then diagnose the likely faults in the area where the fault seems to be. After this, you can then move onto the next step.

Locating the fault

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Although this is similar to the analysing this is more of a systematic approach as you will reduce the size of the area until you find the fault and then you are able to determine what the real issue is. As an example, think about when your front door isn’t shutting properly. You have to determine if it is the lock, the door itself or the hinges.

Remove the problem

Even though the problem might have been temporarily fixed, eventually the problem will occur again and become more prevalent with each passing time it breaks. Therefore, it is in the best opinion to replace the part or problem with something new and better.

Replace with a better part or object

After you have removed the problem the best next step is to replace with a better part or replace the entire issue entirely. This might be less cost effective for you and the client but it is a better solution than returning every 6 months to fix the issue.

Why you should choose First 4 Electrical

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